This project has been developed under the auspices of the Indigenous Desert Alliance, with funding through the National Landcare Programme, and hosted by the Central Land Council. The development of the Tracks App and the Tracks Hub has been a collaborative process involving many people and organisations. It has received significant input from Indigenous Rangers and their organisations in WA and the NT, academics and consultants, and WA and NT government staff. Active Indigenous ranger groups can been seen in The Tracks Hub Ranger Group page, but many others have assisted in the development of this project.

We thank all those who gave their time freely and shared their knowledge of Australia’s arid environment, tracking, and sampling methodologies.

The 2 ha trackplot survey methodology has been developed over many years and is based on the work of academics and consultants assisted by a large number of Aboriginal people. Two relevant articles are listed below.

Southgate, R. I., Paltridge, R. M., Masters, P. and Nano, T. 2005. An evaluation of transect, plot and aerial survey techniques to monitor the spatial pattern and status of bilby (Macrotis lagotis) in the Tanami Desert. Wildlife Research 32, pp43-52.

Southgate, R. and Moseby, K. 2008. Track-based monitoring for the deserts and rangelands of Australia. Threatened Species Network, WWF-Australia, pp 69.